Kouvisaari Island


Project references

_Territorial infrastructures / landscape

The way in which heavy infrastructures go through landscape and interact with it –with neither losing its formal identity- suggested us the creation of a clearly differentiated system, which always would leave the initial situation identifiable.

_Port maritime environemnt

Therefore we propose to introduce in Koivusaari island a new port-like facility as support for the emerging of the new urban development.
In this new linear structure, dwellings are always laid in a close relationship with the surrounding maritime landscape, reaching the objective of a high densified development while avoiding the creation of isolated inside zones.

_A new floating public space

A new network of colective public spaces is created upon the base of floating systems, which would be connected to the main dike working as new plug-ins, providing the new urban development with an unusual ability to be updated.

_Intimate relationship with water

In this new developed area for Koivusaari ways of living will be intimately related to water as catalyst of a changing landscape (liquid-gaseous-frozen), a concept which is strongly attached to the particular identity of this region.

We try to enclose the biggest bay as possible keeping into the water surface of influence.
So the pier, run north to south fitting to the water limits. In it, diferents dwellings are disposing: the solar blocks, facing to south, and exploting as much as possible its energy conditions. The west pier will contain low density housing matching with the closest island villas.
We separate radically traffic from pedestrians paths, in diferents levels. The traffic goes under the water surface going into the sea and the pedestrians go to both sides of Koivusaari flying over Lausivayla highway.
The central part of the project in the middle of Koivusaari island just contains the cultural and worksite spaces and connects with the metro station.

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