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“Via Parque” is the topic of this year Beta Workshop. The Via Parque is the third ring of the city of Alicante. The inner one it hasn’t really been planned. The second called Gran Via was completed few years ago and It is on full service. The Via Parque is the outer urban ring, 10 km long, connects the biggest neighbourhood of Alicante, Playa de San Juan and It hasn’t been completed yet although it was planned three decades ago.
We think that such a delay in its construction makes necessary a restudy under the view of Alicante’s today’s and future needs.
t is an interesting and complex exercise to be thought and analyzed, since the built parts are not connected and the ring is not closed.

Contenido del Curso

Today (2008) Via Parque is not an organism that works at a full range, even It doesn’t work under a minimum level of motorized mobility, there are some parts open to the traffic but the central boulevard is totally unfinished. There are parts disconnected from each other, urban empty areas some km wide, parts under project and parts with sections specially reduced from the original project due to the re-use of old paths. This unfinished situation generates a breach in the urban structure that generates either dysfunctions in the traffic and segregated and isolated neighbourhoods in its north part.

That kind of spaces that come up inside cities that are characterized mainly by having
no functions, or well articulated functions,
no spatial values,
no social identity,
no liveliness
Those parts of the city where the balance between capacity of functionality and capacity of meaning is broken.

There is a global urban project of the Via Parque that defines a boulevard with a conventional section. Commonly all the boulevards are designed since maximum functionality for motorized traffic, skipping other aspects as greenery and public facilities.

This is something different from the original design of boulevards. In most of the cases boulevards become narrow and marginal strips without use, isolated because of traffic, uninhabitable because of the environment and acoustic contamination and with a lack of greenery, facilities and urban furniture. This typology generates poor relations between both sides of the boulevard; it becomes a barrier inside the urban structure isolating neighbourhoods.

The proposals must reverse the traditional established relationship between traffic and public facilities. It must go further than the pure functionality and further than the unreal and tiny standards, introducing facilities in the traffic ways, acting in the public space.

Due to its morphologic characteristics and its place inside the city, and attending to its undefined character between the urban and the metropolitan, this new park inside the traffic way can have facilities, services and open spaces at three levels, neighbourhood level, city level and metropolitan level.

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